About Us

Big Heart Candle Company was built in 2018 by Andrea Kleinman-Parker with a mission to give back to the heart health community. In 2009 Andrea was diagnosed with heart failure - viral cardiomyopathy, to be exact. Literally, she has a big heart!

Big Heart Candle Company's mission is to support the heart health community by donating 10% of all profits to the American Heart Association in an effort to fund the research and education of heart related illnesses and disease. By choosing Big Heart Candle Company, you are not only purchasing a candle that will fill your home with a beautiful scent, you are also choosing to help support the heart health community. 

Housed in a home-based studio in Plano, Texas, we carefully create each unique scent and hand pour each candle with care. Our goal is to bring you a product that will fill your home and life with fabulous memories!

Thank you for checking out our website, supporting small business, and giving back to the heart health community that is the soul of our business!

Interested in learning more or donating to the American Heart Association? Visit their website to learn more or donate here.